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SOS Décor is a Quebec based business which specializes in the rental and recycling of set decor. We also offer transport services and crew services for the setup and breakdown of sets. SOS caters to the needs of art directors as well as special event promoters.

SOS Décor has been in operation since 1990 and works out of four locations: The main office, which is located in the National film board building, and three other sites outside of Montreal. Our central location allows us to easily service all film studios established in Montreal and surrounding areas.

SOS Décor is an advantageous and economical alternative to the construction of new sets. We offer ready-to-assemble sets such as aircraft interiors, medieval castles, garage facades and a number of other complete concepts to facilitate your work. All of our sets and decor elements are customizable to your requirements and specifications by our technical team and our scenic painters.

A single visit to our warehouse will allow you to evaluate the quantity of resources that are available to solve your creative and production needs. Be it for the rental of a simple decorative element or a full service turnkey solution for a complete project, we have the solutions to satisfy your creative requirements and accommodate your particular needs, large or small.

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